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Do you take credit/debit card?
No, we currently do not accept debit cards. We still are Cash Only. But we are working on it!
Do you have ATMs?
Yes, we have 3 ATM’s on site! They do charge a fee.
Do you accept medical IDs?
No, we currently are not medically endorsed. But we are working on it!
Where are you located exactly?
We are in between Wal-Mart and Home Depot in the Quil Ceda Village, we share a parking lot with Home Depot!
What is Elder Parking? Do I have to be disabled?
No, our elder parking is not limited to people with disabilities. If you get our wisdom discount (over age of 50) you are free to use the front row elder parking!
Why do you randomly close early every month?
We have to do a monthly inventory audit on the store, and due to the volume of products we carry, we have to shut down early to get it all done in one night.
Are the pictures on your menu accurate?
We do our best to update the menu images as frequently as possible, do not make your purchasing decisions solely based off the image, as product availability & their packaging can change frequently.
Can I use my cell phone in the store?

Yes & No, to clarify – Guests can use their cell phones to an extent.

We do not allow guests to be in an active phone or video call while in the store for security purposes – we cannot verify the age of the person on the other line and do not want to be selling to a patron that will provide the products to minors.

We do understand though, that guests may be looking at our online menu or passing time while waiting to be served and that is not an issue.