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About Remedy

Elevating the Cannabis Experience

A Bold Vision

“We have built a cannabis retail model that brings the same level of engagement, knowledge, and professionalism that we offer at all our Tulalip properties, and we are also partnering with emerging and affiliated Native American cannabis suppliers to help bring new values and voices to the forefront of this exploding industry.”
—Les Parks, former Tulalip Tribes Board Member

Nestled along I-5 between Wal-Mart and Home Depot, in what used to be a bank, you will find us. The Tulalip Tribes’ first cannabis dispensary, the OG if you will.

In August of 2018 we started out with a bold vision to create the most unique and distinguished retail cannabis experience combined with innovative technology. Donned in our checkered bowling-shirt uniforms, headsets on and tablets in hand, we were ready to serve you. We learned soon enough though, that while our business model wanted to be the Jetson’s meets Vegas, it just was impractical and frustrating (If you know, you know).

Fast forward to present day, the process by which you purchase cannabis from Remedy Tulalip is relatively the same as your standard recreational dispensary in Washington. But, we kept our vision of wanting to create an exceptional and noteworthy retail cannabis experience.

We still continue to partner with emerging and affiliated Native American Cannabis brands, Minority and/or Women-Owned brands, as well as the renowned & most-loved brands throughout our state in combination with striving for excellent customer service and cannabis knowledge to provide our customers the most helpful and pleasant experience.

Whether you want to celebrate, ease the anxiousness of a furry companion, need help sleeping, are looking into the possible benefits of adding CBD and THC into your lifestyle, or almost anything and everything in between, Remedy Tulalip is here for you.

What Makes Us Unique

Cannabis, Culture, & Community

At Remedy Tulalip, we hold cannabis culture and community in the highest regard. We look to embrace cannabis in all of its forms, whether it’s just for recreational fun or to provide a wellness/ health benefit.

We participate in the Annual Boys & Girls Club Auction hosted at the Tulalip Resort Casino

We also have been able to bring in special guests to come visit us!

  • Ken Shamrock
  • Tommy Chong
  • Redman
Native Cannabis

Native Owned, Operated, & Affiliated

As a Tribally owned cannabis retail store, Remedy Tulalip is committed to using our buying power and commitment to sustainability and education to create opportunities for Native-owned and affiliated cannabis brands to thrive!


Cannabis Education

At Remedy Tulalip we know that the only way to normalize cannabis is to educate about cannabis. We take this mission seriously, and education is a core element of every Remedy Tulalip customer interaction. We also extend this focus on continuous learning to our approach of Team Member education by including partner cannabis brands in the learning journey.