About Remedy

Elevating the Cannabis Experience

A Bold Vision

“We have built a cannabis retail model that brings the same level of engagement, knowledge, and professionalism that we offer at all our Tulalip properties, and we are also partnering with emerging and affiliated Native American cannabis suppliers to help bring new values and voices to the forefront of this exploding industry.”
—Les Parks, Tulalip Board of Directors

At Remedy Tulalip, we aspire to be a distinguished cannabis retail establishment that prioritizes customer experience, education, and responsible business operations. Our one-of-a-kind store design integrates a unique, calm, Northwest feel and showcasing our wide range of products, creating a noteworthy ambiance and experience.

We are partnering with emerging and affiliated Native American Cannabis brands, well-known and loved brands throughout our state, in addition to integrating some of the best practices from high-performing cannabis retail stores to provide an exceptional cannabis purchase experience.

This same philosophy applies to our approach to training and employee development. We are excited to offer new journeys for each and every Remedy Tulalip team member.

Our vision is bold. We see the promise of cannabis outside of recreational retail, including therapeutic applications of CBDs for the relief of seizures and PTSD, as well as promising research into the possibility of treating many of the health conditions that most affect Native communities, including addiction and diabetes.

What Makes Us Unique

Native Cannabis

Native Owned, Operated, & Affiliated

As a Tribally owned cannabis retail store, Remedy Tulalip is committed to using our buying power and commitment to sustainability and education to create opportunities for Native-owned and affiliated cannabis brands to thrive!

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Address: 9226 34th Ave NE, Marysville, WA 98271 | Email: info@remedytulalip.com | Phone: (360) 716-3200
Hours of Operation

NEW! Mon-Sat: 8am - 10pm | Sun: 9am - 10pm